You own a property or several properties and you want to start making money with it or just need professional support to take your business into the next level and to unload the day to day management functions. We make sure your home is hosted and carefully managed while you are enjoying more free time with your loved ones or your main job. Our team is passionate about helping landlords and we know the hospitality industry.
What We Offer
Guest Experience & Support
As customer support, we provide a daily service, all 7 days of the week. We assist potential guests with all the proper information he/she might need to choose your place. We answer phone calls, emails, messages in platforms such as Airbnb or social media (Facebook, Instagram, etc) in a very short period of time. We are bilingual (Spanish and English).

Benefits for you:
  • Forget about your daily work of answering to guests.
  • Answer on time, so clients can choose your accommodation.
  • Customer satisfaction from the First contact.
What we offer:
  • Telephone service in a wide range of hours.
  • Real-time Email response.
  • Cordial attention by experienced professionals and deep service vocation.
  • Process-driven communication ensures guests are informed from start to end.
  • We provide quality care and pursue customer satisfaction.
  • Assistance in Spanish and English.
Booking Management
We keep your calendar up to date at all times and track all guest’s personal information into a CRM which allows you to fidelize new customers and keep a fluent communication in order to have more bookings. We also manage reviews. As part of our commercialization service, we work to increase bookings by creating promotions, last minute offers, mailing, among others. We also put your place into other vacation rental platforms such as Booking.com, Homeaway, etc.

Benefits for you:
  • You can manage your business from anywhere.
  • Updated information in real time and in the same system.
  • Optimization of the calendar, to maximize the occupancy of the accommodation.
What we offer:
  • We implement or manage the online booking system.
  • Managing the booking Schedule.
  • Passenger Information management.
  • Statistics and reports.
Marketing & Social Media
The presence in the digital media is today a compulsory requirement for any accommodation.We provide comprehensive communication advice, identifying the most convenient channels and designing the actions to enhance them, but mainly to be “connected” with the client.

Benefits for you:
  • Better positioning of your accommodation.
  • More knowledge of your consumer profile.
  • Visibility of your business in social networks.
  • Database construction.
What we offer:
  • Implementation of Digital Marketing tools.
  • Creating or maintaining profiles on social networks.
  • Response of messages and comments that enter through social networks.
  • Development of campaigns of promotion to measure in social networks.
  • Adwords and Google Analytics management.
  • Sending email Marketing campaigns.
  • Reports of the results obtained in promotional actions.
  • Design of strategies for customer loyalty.
Cleaning & Maintenance Coordination
We coordinate your cleaning team and maintenance and if you do not have one we’ll help you to find one.

Benefits for you:
  • Finding solutions for the problems in your house.
  • For your peace of mind, we will ascertain the property is kept fully operational at all time.
  • We’ll assist you to achieve guest’s expectations about the cleanliness of the units.
What we offer:
  • Coordination between the different cleaners.
  • Supply inventory.
  • Maintenance coordination.
  • Creation or management of cleaning softwares.