About Us
My Checkinn is an Argentinean consultancy specializing in tourism activity. Formed by a team of young professionals, it aims to advise and manage companies in the tourism sector.
Connecting tourism activity with technology and innovation
#My CheckInn

Lic. Gachi Valfre

Founding Partner and commercial director

Degree in tourism. Master in Tourism management and consultancy with specialization in E-Business. Experience in the public sphere, as director of tourism of Río Ceballos, as well as in a recognized national hotel chain. Freelancer for a tourist company based in the United States.

A series : Games of Thrones
A place: A waterfall in any destination in the world
What you like: Travelling by marriage

Lic. Stefanía Ludueña

Founding partner and director of operations

Degree in administration. Diploma in Executive Management and strategy. Experience in international educational tourism in an Exchange travel agency. Freelancer for a telecommunications company based in the United States. Co-founder of Berlin, an animation studio.

A series: Games of Thrones
A place: Paris en Primavera
What you like the most: Travelling with my family

Lic. Luciana Malis Vorsatz

Founding partner and Director of Administration

Degree in administration. Degree in organizational psychology. Experience in administration in various areas of national companies. Freelancer for an international online service company located in Amsterdam.

A series: Games of Thrones
A place: The beach
What you like the most: Explore the world