The importance of the photo gallery of your accommodations

Although some of us deny it, we all judge a book by how its cover looks like. In the same way, it works when your potential guests are seeing what your vacation rental looks like according to the photos that you have decided to show for display.

This will be the true first impression that people will take of your accommodation, where they will be evaluated with only a simple view: order, cleanliness, quality, appearance, modernity, obsoleteness, and even the most abstract! Your future guests will do a pre-evaluation of your accommodations based on how committed you are to the details just mentioned.

High-quality photos and portraits are just as important as the information you include in your vacation rental description. Good photos of your property and its surroundings will definitely attract attention and confirm if your accommodation is what your guests were looking for. It is highly recommended to hire a professional photographer on the subject, but if you prefer to do it yourself, here are some ideas and tips to keep in mind:

The first and most fundamental point, before taking your photos you must do a deep cleaning on absolutely everything! From the smallest of your appliances to the last corner of the bedrooms. Everything should look flawless as if it were new. Your furniture, your floors, mirrors, furniture, personal hygiene accessories whether towels or washcloths, bedding, kitchen, bathroom … For the exterior of your house, get rid of leaves or tree branches that may have thrown nearby, mow the lawn, trim your bushes, make the effort as if you were going to participate in a gardening event!

The Camera
The best thing would be to use a good quality camera with high definition so that when you publish your photos they can show off in the best quality and not be pixelated. You can avoid blurring by using a tripod and you can also adjust the zoom to highlight the details that you create remarkable and distinguishable!

The Pictures
Take photos from different angles, take lots of photos, make a photo book of your property. Show your guests exactly what it will look like when they stay. Use the lights to your advantage, good lighting can highlight all aspects of the photo and improve it! Natural light is what can help you the most for this task, open the windows, draw the curtains and let the light take over. Believe it or not, the weather plays a big role in this endeavor. How would your vacation rental look better? On a gray day or on a sunny day? Be patient and make the most of a sunny day with a clear sky to do your photo session.

Edit your Photos
If you are looking for something to present your photos, this is the solution. Today, the Internet and its constant innovations bring us countless totally free applications within reach of your cell phone to edit your photos like a professional. You can play with the brightness, the contrast, the shadows, even the predominant colors! All of this will be in your favor when your guests are judging the appearance of your vacation rental photos.

Some extras
Renew your photos, not all, but if you have made any improvement, or if you have bought something new, or something that you are not showing in your photos, update them. Show your changes, it is always good to keep guests informed of how your accommodation is growing. You can also upload photos for special dates, for example, your furniture or stairs with Christmas decorations for Christmas, decorations for Halloween, or decorations on an important date where your vacation rental is located!

Show and highlight the keys to your accommodation, if it includes a pool do not forget to take a photo showing how well prepared it is for the summer season, if one of your welcome amenities is, for example, bath salts, of course, you must include them in your photo gallery!