Welcome Guide: Key to score points in your accommodation

There is nothing better than feeling at home, and what better way to make your guests feel that way than receiving them with a good and concrete welcome guide! You can include from places to visit and activities to do, to how to handle yourself safely and comfortably within the accommodation. A welcome guide is like a tour to your accommodations, not only those inside the property but also the external ones.

Not only does it serve as a great help for those guests who are not familiar with your area, but it also makes a very good first impression and shows your interest in wanting to provide a good experience!

Here we list some of the sections that you should take into account when putting together a welcome guide:

Presentation and welcome
As we mentioned before, the first impression is everything. Introduce yourself, leave a nice message, wishing that their stay meets and exceeds their expectations. A good gesture would be to leave a blackboard with a warm welcome message. Writing a letter will also go a long way.

The Accommodation
Here you will want to include everything that should be known about your accommodations. Where do you keep the utensils, if you have them included, where are the personal hygiene items (towels, hand towels, toilet paper, etc.), a channel guide for your TV, the equipment found in your kitchen and how to use them correctly … In this section you can, in turn, add a sub-section where you indicate your house rules, norms and guidelines that you think are necessary that must be followed.

Activity guide
It’s essential that you include all the unmissable places here and those places that you consider will create unforgettable moments for your guests. You can add attractions, parks, recreation places, museums, cultural spaces. Especially places or areas that highlight the spirit of your locality.

Restaurants and bars
This section is one of the most important, recommend your guests the best places to eat in your city, do not forget to include your favorites! One of the keys is to highlight what type of food and bar style the places you recommend have. Another great help would be to include phone numbers and addresses to help your guests with the location.

Knowledge about the area
Here you can deposit more than anything places that we all may need to present an eventuality, for example: service stations, hospitals, ATMs, supermarkets, pharmacies. You can also add which are the busiest streets, recommendations on where to park the vehicle, phone numbers, such as local police, fire, etc.

Extra Info
Some of the matters that you can add in this part may be, for example, food delivery services, discount codes for applications if you have any, recommendations for places to make essential purchases based on price and quality.