The After – How will the activity of the post-Covid-19 accommodations be like?

Both accommodation owners, and those who work directly or indirectly in tourism, have wondered about what the new post-Covid-19 scenario will be like. Although there are countries that are opening their borders, for others the future is still very uncertain, and it will probably be different depending on each country or region, it is agreed that the new panorama will include measures to generate the less contact possible with other people in order to maintain security distances.

In this scenario, and making a comparison between vacation rentals and hotels, the former will have a great advantage by offering properties that do not accommodate a large number of people in one place.

The economic factor will be another key, and again temporary rentals have the possibility to offer more competitive prices by having lower costs compared to a hotel or some type of accommodation that requires more staff and infrastructure to stay on their feet.

Although the situation could be more favorable for a temporary rental property, it is important to think about how to gain the trust of the guests, and that is why we leave you with some tips:

1- Show the Cleanliness and Care of the place: it is important to demonstrate to tourists the good disinfection of each place, using the recommended products, and with the necessary instruments when applying them.

2- Raise awareness of the good use of the places: in confirmation emails, and even on the property, leave tips and recommendations on how to manage in the unit, what security measures to put into practice, etc.

3- Flexibility in Cancellation Policies: it’s a key point since although many will want to rebook, the uncertainty still remains.

4- Promote longer stays, to avoid a constant change of passengers, and offer better promotions to longer days of stays.

As we stated at the beginning, although everything is still very uncertain, we believe that the most important thing is to continue preparing ourselves and plan how to reinsert ourselves, what processes we can follow, how to communicate and implement these steps for what is to come.