How to avoid bad apple guests

In the short-term rental industry, guests are like a surprise box. You never know what you will get! Sometimes we receive quiet and respectful guests, who make the stay pleasant for both parties, but we can also host problematic guests, who do not comply with the house rules, who make a lot of noise, or who generate issues with the neighbors.

It may be difficult to identify these guests, but you can read below a list with some tips and ideas that are of great help, both for you and for your vacation rental.

Pay special attention to the details of the reservation
Here you must consider certain points, such as: If two people book a unit with 3 bedrooms, it must sound strange to you. If they are 2 people, why would they need 3 rooms? They are likely planning to invite more people out of contract and even have a party. We must emphasize that any person or guest who enters your property must be registered and approved by you.

One-night reservations on a weekend. It is not to be so alarmed, but you can find out more. It can be a reservation that your guests use as a “previous” or to go to a party or even be a private party. It is really important that you can talk with your guests. Try to ask them what their reasons for traveling are, or what plans they have.

You can also keep up to date with what events are happening in your city, if there is a known band visiting the city, an important party, fairs, etc … All can be a key to knowing the reason for your guests’ reservation.

Make a research online
Fortunately, the Internet is a perfect tool with many accesses. You can check for reviews left by other hosts,  or you can also search for them on social media! For example Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. Not only to verify their profile, but you may also find a post about what their intentions are when booking your rental.

Check the identity of the guest
It never hurts, you can ask them to send you a copy of their identity document, their passport, or even their driver’s license. In this way, you make sure that it is the same person who is making the reservation, and you will also be able to verify if the data agree with those of the credit card with which they have paid for their stay!

Prior communication with the guest
The easiest and most humane method would be for you to have a conversation with whoever wants to rent your accommodations. It is not necessary to make it sound like a questionnaire, but you can ask them why they are booking, what their plans are if they need recommendations of any kind, where they visit you from. You can also use this talk as an opportunity to introduce yourself and talk to them about your property, what are its rules or regulations that you would like to see complied with, where it is located, what is in its surroundings … Give them the chance that they will ask you questions too!