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Which are Direct Reservations? Check out these Tips to increase them in your hotel or short term rental

Direct Reservations in hotels and short-term rentals. The meaning of them, which are the benefits, and how to improve your direct channel. Check out these tips.

How can you prevent Late Check-outs?

If you already had a bad time with guests who do not meet the stipulated departure time, you will know what we are talking about. Here are some ideas to help you prevent such scenarios. 

How to avoid bad apple guests

In the short-term rental industry, guests are like a surprise box. You never know what you will get! Sometimes we receive quiet and respectful guests, who make the stay pleasant for both parties, but we can also host problematic guests, who do not comply with the house rules, who make a lot of noise, or who generate issues with the neighbors.

The importance of the photo gallery of your accommodations

Good photos of your property and its surroundings will definitely attract attention and confirm if your accommodation is what your guests were looking for.

Welcome Guide: Key to score points in your accommodation

There is nothing better than feeling at home, and what better way to make your guests feel that way than receiving them with a good and concrete welcome guide! You can include places to visit and activities to do, to how to handle yourself safely and comfortably within the accommodation.

The After – How will the activity of the post-Covid-19 accommodations be like?

Both accommodation owners, and those who work directly or indirectly in tourism, have wondered about what the new post-Covid-19 scenario will be like. Although there are countries that are opening their borders, for others the future is still very uncertain, and it will probably be different depending on each country or region, it is agreed that the new panorama will include measures to generate the less contact possible with other people in order to maintain security distances.

Glosario de Turismo

Compartimos con ustedes algunas palabras relacionadas directa o indirectamente a la actividad turística, y que son importantes a tener en cuenta. Conocé más en esta nota!

Tips para prepararte para la Temporada

De cara a una nueva temporada, muchas son las actividades que sin dudas estarás haciendo para dejar tu complejo al 100%. Y si aún estás pensando cuáles deberían ser, te ofrecemos algunas sugerencias en este artículo.