Which are Direct Reservations? Check out these Tips to increase them in your hotel or short term rental

Direct reservations are those made by the guest directly to the accommodation without booking through OTAs (Booking, Airbnb, Expedia), or other types of 3rd parties.  We all know that direct bookings are super convenient for our accommodation, considering the following benefits: it helps you to maximize profits per booking, no commissions to be paid to … Read more

How can you prevent Late Check-outs?

Let’s imagine the following scenario: your guests were supposed to leave at 11 a.m. You have new guests arriving at 3 pm. Your guests take their time and don’t come out until 2 p.m. That leaves you with having to prepare the property in less time or delay check-in for the next arrival. Either way, … Read more

How to avoid bad apple guests

In the short-term rental industry, guests are like a surprise box. You never know what you will get! Sometimes we receive quiet and respectful guests, who make the stay pleasant for both parties, but we can also host problematic guests, who do not comply with the house rules, who make a lot of noise, or … Read more

The importance of the photo gallery of your accommodations

Although some of us deny it, we all judge a book by how its cover looks like. In the same way, it works when your potential guests are seeing what your vacation rental looks like according to the photos that you have decided to show for display. This will be the true first impression that … Read more

Welcome Guide: Key to score points in your accommodation

There is nothing better than feeling at home, and what better way to make your guests feel that way than receiving them with a good and concrete welcome guide! You can include from places to visit and activities to do, to how to handle yourself safely and comfortably within the accommodation. A welcome guide is … Read more

Glosario de Turismo

Glosario resumido de terminología Hotelera (enfocado en Propiedades para Alquileres Temporarios) Alquiler Temporario: propiedad que se alquila totalmente amoblada para períodos de tiempos más cortos que el alquiler tradicional. En el precio total se incluyen todos los servicios de dicha propiedad. Short Term Rental: es un término en Inglés que se traduce como Alquiler Temporario … Read more

Tips para prepararte para la Temporada

En toda empresa, hay tres ejes en los que hay que enfocarse: Producto, Comunicación y Comercialización. Veamos cada una de ellas… Producto. La base de éste es la oferta de su complejo. Tipología de unidades, características, servicios incluídos, etc. Y como todo producto turístico tiene una característica muy importante: es intangible, hasta el momento que … Read more